In the midst of COVID-19, we’re taking a few extra steps to protect our community:

  • We’re the same friendly crew you’ve always known, but for the next few weeks we’ll be maintaining a six-foot distance from you and your family – just to be cautious.
  • And while it’s the polite thing to do, we’re going to be skipping handshakes for a while as well – for your protection and ours.
  • We can do estimates via pictures and videos. We’re only meeting when necessary.
  • Our employees who aren’t feeling well won’t be coming to your home or business.
  • While we’re working at your home we’ll be sure to clean all the surfaces we touch.
  • Know that our team has been educated on proper hand-washing and hand-sanitizing.
  • Twice a day, we’ll be wiping down our tools and equipment with sanitizer.
  • When you see us, we’ll have on our masks and nitrile gloves.

We hope none of these precautions are necessary but rest assured that your well-being is our concern. We hope to see you soon for your painting project!


Doug Imhoff