Too often, we go through our workdays without a proper means to express ourselves or show off our creative sides. Your home décor can do just that.

Nowhere is this truer than the de facto crown jewel of your home decorating setup, your master suite. The name itself implies the true mastery that this area has over the rest of your home décor. That said, painting it requires a delicate touch. On the one hand, as one of the focal points of your home décor, you’d naturally like to make a splash. On the other hand, this is one of the most private and personal areas of your home and should reflect that.

With these painting tips, you’ll be able to make your master suite a masterpiece.

Matching Your Suite

Before you pick up a single brush or paint can, you’re going to want to consider how your master suite can complement other areas of your interior décor. Ideally, your master bedroom and bathroom should complement one another perfectly. This means making sure that they either have the same color scheme or, if you do differentiate between the two, to have that difference serve to accentuate both.

For example, blues and greens in traditional color theory complement one another very well. What’s more, they’re colors with a lot of versatility. There are very bright, bold shades of blue or green and calmer, more soothing shades. When painting your master suite, you’ll want to thus choose shades that match your bedroom and bathroom through color.

Neutral Colors

One of the basic decorating questions when painting your master suite, or any other part of your home, for that matter, is, of course, color choice. As stated above, picking vivid complementary colors such as bright or soothing blues and greens can help make your bedroom and bathroom really pop.

Still, there’s something to be said for an understated, minimalist approach to home décor as well. If this sounds more your style, you’ll want to look into paint options that feature neutral colors, traditionally cream, eggshell, tan, and similar shades. By being more understated, these types of colors serve to subtly emphasize other, bolder parts of your décor while presenting a cohesive look in their own right.

Dark and Bright Colors

Conversely, if you want to make a bold statement with your master suite’s paint job, you might do well to look into bright colors, such as reds and yellow, or brighter shades of more versatile color combos, such as blue and green. That said, if you do employ bright colors, while you might well want them to be eye-catching, you don’t want them to be overpowering. Using muted hues of bright colors such as red and yellow can be a great way to have your cake and eat it too.

In addition, darker colors are always an option. While you certainly don’t want to paint your entire master suite black or dark red, using those colors as highlights or accents can make your room stand out and give it a bold, even exotic, flair.

Add a dash of color to your room with a beautiful paint job that shows off your sense of style.