There are few rooms in your home which are more important or, indeed, more of a joy to create than your family room. From a decorating standpoint, your family room is without question one of the most important rooms, insofar as it is an area that you are bound to use on a daily basis. It’s a room where you’re going to spend time with your family day after day, and so naturally, you want it to feel welcoming. At the same time, a family room is also one of the most prominent rooms in your interior decorating setup, and is thus critical to your overall design scheme.

It is thus essential that you find a way to balance elegance and comfort in your family room. Too much of the former, and it can start to feel less like a family room than a showcase; too much of the latter, and it can lose that formality and luster that makes it special.

Paint jobs are one of the best ways to marry these two components, and this guide can help you breathe new life into your family room.

Complement the Rest of Your Décor

Firstly, as stated, you don’t want your family room to clash with the rest of your décor. Bright neon colors thus probably aren’t the way to go here.

Making Your Room Pop

At the same time, however, while you want your family room to complement and match your existing décor, you still want your family room to stand out a little. As important as it is to have a cohesive interior décor scheme, your family room is still one of the great showpieces of your design aesthetic, and you therefore want it to stand out.

So, how can you straddle that oh-so-tenuous tightrope between these two points? One of the best ways is by choosing colors which are vibrant in their own right but which likewise accentuate your home’s existing color scheme. For example, different shades of whites, creams, and eggshells can subtly yet effectively accentuate one another. In addition, one of these tones can be paired with a darker color to provide a bit of complementary contrast.

Balancing Trends and Sustainability

On the one hand, you want to pick accent colors that work will make your family room décor pop even more in the here and now. On the other hand, it’s always vital to note that just because something is fashionable now doesn’t mean it will be in style decades from now – look no further than some of the most hilarious offerings of 70s, 80s, and 90s fashion for proof of that!

As such, you want to choose a color scheme that is on-trend now, but which will likewise stand the test of time. Whites and traditional colors such as cream, tawny woody colors, pale yellow, and blue are typically always in style, while flashier, brighter options might be more eye-catching now, but will also run the risk of quickly becoming dated, should trends change.

Bring out the beauty of your family room with these brilliant interior painting ideas.