Decorating with children in mind can be difficult because adults often lose the whimsical nature of the childhood mind after years of filing taxes and working to cover expenses. However, it is easier than you might think to get the colors of your bathroom right as you make ready for a redesign of the space. After all, there are as many themes and color combinations as there are people in this world and your options are only limited by your budget and imagination.

Guide Choices

A colorful home can make fun easier to have at all ages and children are especially fond of bright, exciting colors that make a room feel more inviting. The bathroom is no exception and this is your chance to allow your child some say in the look and feel of the home. Although you should not allow a very young child complete control over the color of the room or else you will face some rather unorthodox color palettes, bringing him or her into the decision-making process and guiding him or her towards a finished design that you can both love is a great way to help him or her feel independent.

Choose Fairly

It can be overwhelming for a child to be brought to a paint company and offered the chance to choose one or two colors from an entire wall covered in hundreds of options. In fact, this can be rather intimidating for an adult to handle and it is far easier for you to choose no more than three or four colors that you know he or she will like and allow him or her to whittle down those choices. Not only will you know that the color chosen is one that you also like but he or she will feel as if he or she helped and had the chance to play a role in the process.


If your child cannot find a way to choose from a number of colors, it is perfectly acceptable to have more than one color present in a bathroom. In fact, having two walls of a different shade of the same color can add depth to a room and provide the opportunity to create a theme. For example, you could choose from shades of blue and allow your child or children to pick their favorite two out of the options available. From there, you could build on that color scheme to create an ocean-themed room with many bright and interesting décor options.


Once you and your child or children work out which colors you love most, it is a great idea to have a professional mix the paints and bring your child along for this process if possible. Paint-mixing machines are fun to watch in motion and your child will feel all the more immersed into the process. Once back home, allow him or her a small portion of the wall to paint as part of the project or enlist him or her as a helper if you feel that he or she could not handle this.

Bright and Fun

It is okay for a room to be bright and colorful, especially if that room is a bathroom. Bright blues, greens, and yellows are great options that children are often drawn to when offered. This will bring a child’s bathroom to life and make any décor options pop out more completely.