In the fast-paced world we live in today, it can become extremely hard for people to find spare time to indulge in DIY activities. In such a situation, it can be difficult to handle important jobs like painting your home. In fact, such an activity may seem unthinkable or perhaps too far-fetched. This is why many homeowners have begun opting for painting contractors.

If you think things over, the money that you will pay to a painting contractor will be far less than your cost of time and effort. And that is because on your part you won’t only be working on the actual painting, but will also spend time learning the ropes. The end result may turn out to be really good or extremely bad, depending on how accurately you followed each step.

The question is: why let yourself go through so much hassle, when you can hire an experienced contractor to do it for you? Seems sensible right! But how can you select the right painting contractor? Well, take a look at these tips below to find out:

Ask for Referrals

When it comes to selecting the right painting contractor, consider asking your co-workers, family members, or friends for referrals. They may have hired one previously. Make sure to mention that you are looking for hassle-free and beyond satisfactory services.

Search Online

If you can’t find appropriate referrals, you can always take your research online. Search for the best painting contractors in your area and take a look at their websites. Also don’t hesitate on checking out their reviews and testimonials from their customers.

Shortlist 3 or 4

After taking a look at the websites of different contractors, shortlist the ones you deem best. Get in touch with at least 3 or 4 contractors and get estimates in writing. Also, don’t hesitate to ask about the level of experience they have and how many projects they have handled in the past.

Be Specific

Bear in mind it’s important to be specific in this phase of the research. Tell the potential contractors exactly what you are looking for. Each requirement and specifications must be communicated transparently. For instance, you may require repainting a single room, so you should receive a price quote accordingly. Also make it clear as to which finishes or colors you want on your walls and whether or not the trims, moldings, and ceilings have to be painted too.

Quality Paint

Ask the hiring contractor regarding the type of primer and paints they will be using for your project. Also discuss how they will protect the furniture inside your rooms and handle all your furniture.


Make sure to ask each contractor about their warranty. Does it include only paint, or paint and labor? How long is the warranty good for?

Finalize the Deal

Get the painting contractors to give an approximation of when the job will start, when it would be completed, and how many technicians will be needed.

Throughout your interaction with the contractors, observe how professional they are in communicating and responding to your inquiries. This can help you get a better idea on whether or not a particular contractor should be trusted for more additional services.