Painting is the quintessential DIY project and if you are looking to dabble in some DIY this year, the plaguing question for painting still remains: what color?

There are always new colors and combinations coming about along with variations in shades, some of which are so slight that you find yourself torn between two colors without really understanding why. So, how do you choose? If you are going for a modern look, you will at least be able to narrow it down to colors that are popular or trending. Plus, it can be kind of refreshing to know that you are keeping up with the times.

So, what’s trending in 2018? 2018 is actually seeing trends ranging everywhere from soft yellows to straight black. While your chosen color will depend on preference and the other elements of your interior design, you will have a lot of options.

Soft Yellows

Rather than harsh, bright yellows, which are almost always disastrous for the home, opt for softer yellows that offer a warmer, more welcoming feel to the room but that are also easy on the eyes. Choose something that doesn’t feel as if you are looking directly at the sun.

These yellows are trending in homes because they’re extremely positive and can make you feel motivated instead of mopey. They can be both modern and retro-looking, kind of reminiscent of the 70s. The colors you are looking for are typically golden or finch yellows, perhaps even a mustard yellow.

Gray Colors

Gray is pretty trendy, especially in collaboration with blue. Whether it’s a bluish-gray or a grayish-blue, it will probably make an excellent 2018 color.

Gray typically works whether you go light or dark and you can very gently sway to more blue- or green-tinted grays that work really well also. Grays can provide an extremely modern look and, similar to beige, which is another trending color, grays are very neutral and can easily combine with blues, greens, or purples.

Berry Colors

Berry colors can appear as reds that are both fierce and warm or even darker raspberry colors that extremely versatile and pair well with, for example, gray.

Deep berry shades are extremely rich and can even add depth to the room itself. On the other hand, you can opt for a much hotter red that isn’t as dark as other berry colors but that also isn’t bright enough to be unpleasantly striking. Red can often be very strong while still being aesthetically pleasing.


Black is excellent both as an accent color and as the dominating color in the room. You can find blacks that go beyond just plain old black and are deep and interesting as well. You would typically avoid blacks that are glossy and instead choose deep colors, some of which may have a smokier feel to them. Some lacks are infused with purple as well.

2018 is keeping it interesting and sometimes edgy; you can find both an awesome DIY project and an interior transformation with these beautiful, trending paint colors.