Don’t Forget the Laundry Room… Energize This Workspace with the Right Paint

Don’t Forget the Laundry Room… Energize This Workspace with the Right Paint

Imhoff laundry roomWhen it comes to picking out paint colors for your home, all too often do homeowners forget about the all important and hard working laundry room. This space is probably one of the most used in your household, but it often gets neglected in terms of care and decoration. However, adding a beautiful and vibrant paint color can be a great way to energize the space and bring a little more life into this area. Here are some colors that will help you make your laundry room just as attractive as the rest of your home.

Your Personal Favorite

Because the laundry room is, for the most part, a more private space, it’s a great place to put a little of your own personal touch on the room. By picking a paint that’s your own favorite color, you’ll be sure to love everything you do there. If you want a room that makes you happy every time you walk through the door, then this is a great way to do it. And, if you’re worried about your color choice being a little too over the top, remember that you have a fifth area to take advantage of. Rather than painting the walls, keep them white and add your touch of color to the ceiling. Not only will this be a fun and different design choice, but it will give you just the pop of expressions that you need.

Pastel Teal

Do you absolutely love that seashore look in your home? Would you love to turn your laundry room into a beach house getaway? If so, then a creamy pastel teal will be a great choice. This color has just the perfect balance of upbeat fun and sophisticated elegance and it will be the perfect way to easily integrate your laundry room with the rest of the house.

Stunning Yellow

Another great color choice for your laundry room will be a nice, bright yellow. Yellow is one of the warmest and most inviting colors, so you’ll be sure to love all the time you have to spend in there. Your mood will instantly brighten from the moment you walk through the door and you’ll be sure to feel re-energized and ready to go. This color choice will match brilliantly with farmhouse and country style homes, so if you’re looking for a way to create an easy flow from the rest of your home to your more modern laundry room, this will be a great way to do so.


If you’re looking for something with a little more modern feel, then having a stark contrast between white cabinets and black walls can be a fun and exciting choice. While having black walls might seem like an extreme, pairing them with lighter color appliances and decorations will give you a look you’re sure to love. Add a bright green rug or light blue laundry baskets to really give the room that extra bit of a pop.