5 Common Mistakes People Make When Painting Cabinets

Cabinet painting project is always important. A fresh coat of paint can always make your worn, old kitchen cabinet look new again. While thorough preparation is the most important key to successfully painting kitchen cabinets, most people make a huge mistake by not taking it seriously.

Mentioned below are the 5 common mistakes people often make when painting old cabinets.

Not Allowing Enough Time for the Project:

Most people make a great mistake by taking cabinet painting as a weekend job. Literally, cabinet painting is a complex job that takes at least four to seven days. If you rush with the painting job, it is possible that you make too many mistakes.

Not Properly Cleaning the Wood:

No matter how clean your kitchen is, you need to wipe everything down from the cabinet wood. You can use a grease remover to properly clean the cabinet wood before applying paint on it. If you don’t clean the wood well, the paint won’t stick to the cabinet. You need to vacuum clean any debris from the surfaces. Remember, just a few trace of dust can ruin the look of newly painted cabinet. Unless you clean the surface well, you will receive a gritty finish.

Not Removing the Doors Off:

You should pull off all doors and drawers out and remove the hardware knobs and hinges. People often make a mistake by painting everything – hinges, knobs, and all. This saves time but your cabinets and knobs will start to chip and crack within a month. All you need to do is to sand everything down once the paint on the hardware knobs and hinges starts to crack.

Not Sanding the Cabinets:

Even if your cabinet woods are in perfect condition, you need to sand them well. This would help the paint to stick well. You can take sandpaper and just sand all the surfaces properly. However, you should not try to get down to the bare wood, just make the surface from glossy to matte.

Not Priming the Cabinets:

Most people love to quit this step but the available knots in the wood can start to bleed through the paint few weeks later if you don’t prime it well. It is important to use a stain blocking primer since it prevents all blotches as the paint cures.

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