Paint Peeling Causes in Denver Metro, CO

If you’ve ever tried painting your home by yourself before, you’d know that it’s a tiring and time-consuming activity.
But on the other side of that, it’s also a very satisfying accomplishment when you see the results of your hard work.
Sometimes, though, things don’t work as well as we want them to.
Unexpected events may happen after the painting process such as paint peeling.
Whether it be an old or freshly painted surface, paint peeling can happen because of various reasons.
It’s a common issue that painters often face, but luckily it’s easily avoidable if you are aware of what causes it.

In order to find out what could possibly be causing your paint to peel, here are some Paint Peeling Causes in Denver Metro, CO:

Using Low-Quality Paint

It’s pretty much already a given that high-quality paints perform much better in pretty much all aspects in comparison to low-quality ones.
They give good color payoff, require fewer coats to cover your walls, and most of all – they don’t peel.
Low-quality paints don’t have the same adhesive qualities as high-quality ones, which could cause the paint to peel faster than expected.
It’s understandable that you’d want to save as much as you can, but consider not cutting costs when it comes to purchasing paint.
You’ll be able to save much more in the long run when you know your paint is of durable and reliable quality.
Investing in the right paint could be the best choice for you, your walls, and your wallet.

Painting on Unprepped Surfaces

If your surface isn’t paintable – meaning it isn’t in the best condition to be painted – then you might find yourself encountering problems because of it.
One of the most important steps to painting happens even before you start to actually paint.
Prepping the area you’ll be working on ensures you have everything under control and that you won’t come across any hiccups in the painting process and post-painting process.
Something you should make sure of when you paint is that you need to have a clean surface to work with.
Dust, grease, oil, and other types of dirt that’s left on the surface could affect the adhesion of the paint.
In some cases, it could even cause the paint to bubble up and eventually peel.
Always remember to keep your surfaces clean before painting them for easy and smooth application!

Excess Moisture or Wet Walls

Possibly the most common reason for paint peeling, wet or even just damp surfaces could ruin your freshly painted surfaces.
Painting on a normally dry surface wouldn’t give you any problems, but it’s a totally different story if you paint over a wall while it’s damp.
When water penetrates beneath the paint, it makes it difficult for the paint to cling to the surface, causing it to peel soon after application.
Areas with high humidity and condensation are prone to this type of problem.
Rooms with poor ventilation can also be very susceptible to this happening.
Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are some areas within your home that could encounter paint peeling due to excessive moisture because of the nature of these rooms.
Be sure to paint only on clean and dry surfaces so you wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of painting on damp surfaces later on.

Layering on Too Much Paint

When it comes to painting, every layer matters.
To ensure a good paint job, a couple of coats of paint is needed to give it that smooth and even finish.
The key to that is to be cautious of how every coat is spread out.
You need to be able to apply even coats throughout the whole process.
Layers of paint that are too many or too thick may begin to pack on weight and become too heavy for it to properly stick to the surface of the area it’s painted on.
Be really mindful of this when you paint ceilings too because sometimes gravity can work against you!

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