Newsletter >>The Painter’s Rag: EXTRA! A Deal This Cool Always Has Exclusions

The Painter’s Rag: EXTRA! A Deal This Cool Always Has Exclusions

Feb 4, 2020

Could Our WINTER SALE Be Any Cooler?
No, It Couldn’t.
But There Are Some Exclusions

The Painter’s Rag:
EXTRA Wit And Wisdom
From Your Friendly And Professional Fine Painting Company

You couldn’t dream of a cooler deal on FINE custom painting and staining than the deal you’ll get with our WINTER SALE.

Twenty percent!  That’s, like, a fifth off, if I’ve got the algebra right!

But like all COOL sales, some exclusions apply.

Because we already give a cool deal for:

  • Projects booked through builders…
  • Projects booked through remodelers, designers, or other “allied” firms…
  • Projects started in October, November or December (in other words, ongoing projects that due to no fault of our fine residential painters are yet incomplete; this is often due to the concurrent scheduling of work by other fine “-ers”, such as tile setters, carpet or flooring layers, cabinet-ers [sorry, couldn’t help that one], or other such “-ers” that have catalyzed, cultivated or curated some manner of causal delay)
  • Projects we bid more than 90 days ago (which, if you think about it, wasn’t winter, so a “winter sale” wouldn’t apply even semantically)…

… we can’t offer the cool WINTER SALE deal for these jobs.  That would be perhaps TOO cool, kinda like the weather in Denver right now.  Frosty.

Everyone loves a cool deal… but a frosty deal?  People out there shoveling their cars out of the snow are not digging (ha!) the frosty deal Ma Nature dealt them today.

Exclusions Aside, Now’s The Time To Book Your Project!

… And get your very-own cool WINTER SALE deal!

Operators are standing by.

(Other exclusions: projects having nothing to do with painting or staining, such as switching out that rattly garbage disposal… no twenty-percent-off deal for any plumbing work, for that matter, since our amazing fine painters know everything there is to know about fine painting, but nothing whatsoever about things like plumbing; outdoor non-painting jobs such as mowing and weed pulling… in case you have any weeds or grass under all that snow; snow removal, for that matter, is also excluded from the cool Winter Sale, as it’s a bit over-frosty; projects involving the removal of your Christmas lights, HanuRamaKwanzaSolstiMas or other holiday celebratory agglomeration; Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, as you may recall, was excluded from all reindeer games until appointed Lead Reindeer by the big man himself; come to think of it, all animals and pets are excluded, as we try never to paint pets or anything else which is breathing at the time of project execution; a dozen other things are probably also excluded, as far as you know; call for details… not about these exclusions, or course, but if you call, we do have details about something, I’m sure.)



Don’t forget: With Imhoff Fine Painting, you always get more than a high-quality paint job… you get an enjoyable experience we hope you’ll treasure.  We’re passionate about our customers and their properties… we’re a “painting family,” and we treat your project like family, too!   Check us out online.  We’re delighted by the many enthusiastic five-star reviews our clients have shared on Google, Yelp, and elsewhere.  And we can’t wait to earn our next outstanding review from you!


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