… This Halloween, Your Decorations Can Have A Fresh Coat Of LOVE


Here at Imhoff Fine Residential Painting Company, we’ve been keeping a list. And you might be on that list.

(No, we’re not referring to that kind of list. If we were keeping that kind of list, and if you were possibly on it, we certainly wouldn’t refer to it.)

We’re keeping a list of all the very interesting things we’ve been privileged to paint (or stain) for our cherished customers.

We’ve painted or stained all kinds of walls and trim, every type of cabinet and stairway banister, and just about every surface you can think of, inside or outside our customers’ homes.

We’ve done lots of commercial jobs, too. Through our Paint It Forward program, we’ve put a fresh coat of LOVE on schools, community centers, and several other buildings which house worthy programs for needy folks whose causes wouldn’t usually be able to afford our services.

We even painted an historic train (as in, choo-choo) which was being restored up in the mountains! (You should see it… it’s a beaut!).

But, until recently, we’d never painted a monster. “We have a twelve-foot-tall monster in our front yard,” a caller recently told us, “and it’s looking pretty faded. We need some scary-looking green paint.”
(If you have a twelve-foot-tall monster in your yard, we thought to ourselves, paint is probably the least of your needs.)

Turns out the monster was not a live, child-and-pet-consuming menace, but a cool Halloween decoration which had faded in the sun after several years of tricking and treating the neighborhood.

“Does it come apart into pieces that will fit into the back of a pickup truck?” we asked, once we figured out what the customer was looking for.

“It does!” they said.

“Then YES! We can pick it up, bring it to our state-of-the-art spray booth, and apply a fresh coat of scary- looking LOVE to your cherished, uh, monster.”

“What about our fifteen-foot skeleton?” the caller asked. “We’ve had it out there for a few years, too, and it’s not as fresh and scary looking as it once was. If we break it down into its smaller components, can
you whiten it in your spray booth?”

“Yes, of course, it would be our pleasure to bleach your bones!” we replied.

“We also have some other little decorations that could probably use some freshening-up, like our tombstones, and this one witch we have which we usually stick to our privacy fence so it looks like she
crashed into it. You can spray those in your booth too, can’t you?”

We can. And that’s how we ended up driving down the road with a truck full of scary stuff, from a red- eyed faded green monster head to a skeleton’s leg bone, which dangled humorously off the back of the truck.

Talk about interesting painting projects!

This is definitely going to make the list.


Thanks to our spray booth, we can paint just about anything you can think of… and, as it turns out, we can paint many things you would never think would need a fresh coat of LOVE. So even if it’s just your boring old patio furniture, or some blinds in the house that need painting, one call to Imhoff Fine Residential Painting paints it all!



Image credit:Kenneth Brown / EyeEm//Getty Images