Get Professional Cut Lines with These Tips

Get Professional Cut Lines with These Tips

Getting good cut lines while you are painting isn’t always easy when you don’t have experience. If you consider yourself to be a novice painter, then you likely have issues with this. Thankfully, it is going to be possible to get good results as long as you follow these handy tips. They will allow you to get the professional looking cut lines tha you desire and it won’t be too difficult to achieve.

Buy the Right Paintbrushes

Before you even start with your painting, it is imperative that you purchase the right paintbrushes for this task. Buying a high-quality brush is going to give you better results when you’re painting. An angled sash brush is going to give you the results that you’re looking for. These brushes can make painting a fine line much simpler, allowing you to have the best looking cut lines.

You should think about the size of the brush that you are using as well. If you are painting an indoor room, then a brush that is two and a half inches wide is going to work nicely. A smaller brush may be optimal if you are working with painting a window or something else that is smaller. Using brushes that are smaller will be better for doing more detailed painting as you can be more accurate than you would be able to with a wider paintbrush.

Make Use of Your Paint Pail

It’s smart to transfer your paint from your paint can into a dedicated paint pail. You can fill your pail with just enough paint to do the job. Somewhere around one inch of paint would be good as you don’t want to put too much in there. Too much paint in your pail will wind up making you dip the brush too deeply and this can make the painting sloppy.

Avoid Wiping the Paintbrush on the Side of Your Pail

You should avoid wiping your paintbrush on the side of your pail. This is something that a lot of people do but it isn’t the best way to accomplish this task. Leave a bit more paint on the brush and simply pat the brush against the sides of your pail. This way, you will have more pain to work with and it won’t be messy.

Move Your Paintbrush Back and Forth Lightly to Get Into Corners

Painting corners can be somewhat difficult, especially for new painters. If you want to paint the corners properly, then moving your paintbrush back and forth lightly is going to help you to accomplish this task. You can move it from the left to the right very softly and you will apply the paint to the corner properly. Remember this technique if you are having trouble covering certain corners.

Cutting Along the Ceiling

Cutting along the ceiling is one of the most difficult parts of this painting task. Luckily, it can be a bit easier when you know how to approach it. Start painting a bit below the ceiling line and work your way up to it. You should use just the tip of the edge of your paintbrush to paint the line along the ceiling.

This may feel tough at first but it takes a bit of a light touch to get it right. Establish a line along the ceiling and then you can add more to it later. Just do your best to keep everything straight. After you have cut in the line properly, you can finish up the paint job near the ceiling by thinning the edge of your paintbrush and smoothing everything out with more paint. This will ensure that the paint will look right by the cut-in edge and you will be able to move on to painting the entire wall.



What Color Should I Paint My Ceilings?

What Color Should I Paint My Ceilings?

When it comes to giving the rooms in your home a little something extra, taking advantage of the fifth wall can really make a tremendous difference. All too often, ceilings are forgotten in spite of the fact that they really can make a dramatic impression on a space. With so much area to show off, using your ceiling to create the perfect atmosphere in your room is an easy way to get the feel you’ve always wanted. Here are a few color options you can choose from that will help you create the rooms of your dreams today.


Of course, white is the standard ceiling color for most homeowners, and there’s definitely a reason for this. Not only does it brilliantly reflect the light and give your room a much brighter and open feel, but it can also help to create the feeling of depth and length, which makes the space seem much larger than it actually is. This color will match any style scheme you could possibly imagine, and a change in your preferences won’t require you to also invest in a new paint job. This is a color choice that will help you keep things simple. For this reason, it is the go-to color for almost all homeowners.


Green is the most natural color out there, so, if you’re looking for a way to bring a little bit of the natural world into your space, this is a great color to choose for your room. Green acts as a relaxer and it promotes feelings of ease and comfort that will have you feeling comfortable in no time at all. By painting this color above your head, you’ll be sending your subconscious a sign that it’s time to calm down and feel at peace. It is an ideal ceiling color for places like a bedroom, where you want to encourage those particular emotions.


If you’re looking to really make a style statement, then red is a great color to choose. By painting your ceiling red in any room, you’ll be showing off your bold character and challenging nature. Let your inner rebel thrive by embracing this color in a space where it would normally seem overwhelming. Red is an extreme stimulant and definitely promotes having a good time, so adding this color to a room like your living room or game room would be the ideal space.


If you’re looking for a fun way to give your kitchen a bit of a boost, then painting its ceiling blue is a great choice. Why the kitchen? Although blues naturally complement the wood cabinetry and steel appliances so commonly found in kitchens, they can easily be much too overwhelming to place on all four walls. By adding this color to your ceiling, you can get that wonderful pairing without feeling suffocated by the color. Your color scheme must always complement a space, not control it.

At the end of the day, your home’s atmosphere is tremendously affected by the color scheme you choose, so it will make a world of difference to make sure that you’re adding the right hues to your space. Keep these tips in mind, and find a color to add to your ceiling that will help you create the perfect room today.