How Different Flooring has an Impact on Deciding Interior Wall Colors

How Different Flooring has an Impact on Deciding Interior Wall Colors

The flooring’s color in a room can contribute to the vibe of the space. The hues that you choose for the interior walls will either balance or magnify the floor’s effect. Flooring can come in a wide variety of materials and colors that range from reddish-brown to beige. If the room’s floor has more than one constituent color, remind yourself to coordinate with the room’s palette and do not solely rely on the dominant tone.

Warm Tones and Cool Tones

Inspect the flooring to determine whether it has a cool tone or a warm tone. If the undertones are orange, pink, yellow, or red, then it’s considered a warm tone. If the flooring undertones are more purple, green, blue, or gray, then you are working with a cool tone. Once it is determined if the flooring has a cool tone or warm tone, it’s best to match your paint with the same color tones.

Is the Flooring Light or Dark?

Take into consideration how dark or light the floor is. When dealing with light flooring, it’s best to stick to light paint color options that will create a bright space. Dark paint colors can be used to create a dramatic contrast to the light flooring. If the flooring is dark, light paint colors can help increase the feeling of spaciousness but darker colors can create the feeling of a cozy space.

Matching Interior Paint Colors with Laminate Flooring

Use a paint chart and place it against the floor if there are multiple shades present. Inspect the chart then identify the two major colors that are in the flooring. Select an interior color that belongs in the same genre as one of the major flooring colors while making sure that the interior paint color doesn’t clash. By doing this, you will be assured that the walls will blend perfectly with the laminate flooring.

Matching Interior Paint Colors with Wood Flooring

Wooden elements can bring a natural, warm feel to any room in your house. With the many wood species, there are a variety of undertones that can be used, ranging from ashy gray to red to yellow. Unfortunately, when trying to coordinate interior wall colors with the wood flooring’s tones can seem like a daunting challenge. It’s all a matter of determining how bold or subtle of a look you prefer for your space.

The best way to make sure that the flooring’s wood tones will coordinate with your interior walls is by selecting a neutral paint color. Whether the wood flooring has gray, orange, or even yellow undertones, they will all work well with neutral interior walls. White is often the most used as the neutral color of choice. It’s the idyllic backdrop is you’re trying to showcase the room’s wood tones. If white is too boring, there is always the option of using a cream or ivory, which is a softer option. Taupe or tan is also a great choice if you want a richer interior wall color.

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Impress Your Holiday Guests with a New Interior Paint Job

Impress Your Holiday Guests with a New Interior Paint Job

Red Accent Wall Living Room Painting

‘Tis the season to be jolly and time to pull out Christmas lights, ornaments, garland, mistletoe, and your inflatable yard Santa. Since the arrival of the holidays, many people are searching for interior decorating ideas that will bring cheer to their home. There are several holiday decorating suggestions available but why not celebrate this season with a new interior paint job?

A lot of people strive to give their homes that special holiday feeling and adding a little color to your walls is a perfect way of doing so. A new interior paint job can refresh and rejuvenate a home but if you add colors that are festive and bright, it can help lift spirits of those who enter your home.

Choosing Durable, Festive Colors

When a room that needs to repainted and will eventually be full of guests, higher level sheen paints are ideal. These paints are easier to keep clean and have a higher resistance to stains. Variations of green and red are the obvious go-to choices for walls. These colors work beautifully with interior walls year-round.

Green – Green is associated with vitality and wealth. This color is usually intended to foster productivity and creativity. Studies have proven green to be one the most relaxing and calming colors. It for sure will help with the hectic holidays. Green is ideal to be used in both kitchens and dining rooms.

Red There is a wide variety of red hues to choose from. Red is a warm color that will give your home a cozy setting. Oddly, it can also act as an appetite enhancer, which makes it a great choice for dining rooms, where the holiday festivities often take place.

These aren’t your only hue options for pre-holiday painting. Interior paints come in various colors and sheens. Be sure to use a color that you will be satisfied with once it’s time to put the decorations back in storage.

Accent Walls

If you feel that you are short on time to have an entire room repainted, we recommended adding one or two holiday color accent walls. Accent walls can add a chic feel and the appearance of the entire room will be completely different. If you later fall in love with the choice of color, other walls can be painted later.

The holidays aren’t only about celebrations but also the décor. With the right interior paint job, your holiday décor will pop and will be rewarding. Not only will the Christmas lights outside impress your guests, but the new interior look will make your gathering even more special. Gift a loved one with a home renovation that will not only renew and rejuvenate a home but it will also create a cheerful, positive energy that radiates through your home.

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